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WHY 1 Advantage Term Life Insurance
Today’s consumers can shop for life insurance on hundreds of sites all over the Internet. They can get quotes, but these quotes are just numbers until the insurance companies underwrite the policy; only a small percentage of these policies are ever issued as quoted. We believe in doing it right the first time. We will carefully review your life insurance quote request and provide you with informed objective advice on your life insurance needs.

Getting you the lowest rate possible based on your situation is our only task. We write high volumes of life insurance all over the United States. Therefore, we will not waste your time with endless phone calls. We will contact you within 24 hours with your quotes. All of our quotes are free and come with no obligation.

Our advice is objective and our process is simple. Get the most value from your life insurance dollars today, give us a call or fill out our quote request form online. There is no need to pay more than you have to for life insurance, start saving today.

Privacy statement: Your privacy is important to us. 1 Advantage Term Life Insurance will keep all the information gathered strictly confidential. Your personal information will not be used for any other purpose or given to anyone else.

Trade Promotion Insurance

These days, marketing has gone from being a simple company-consumer business line into so many new systems that are much more efficient in terms of company growth. Trade promotion, for instance, is a business and marketing system that woos retailers and manufacturers for product or service partnership. This increases product demand and boosts the company’s presence in several outlets.

Trade promotion uses several factors to get these deals, which may include special pricing and demonstrations, promotions, no-obligation gifts, display fixtures, mutual marketing strategies, and other similar incentives. But despite the promise of mutual benefits, trade promotion does pose several issues that could pull both parties down. That said, it is very important to consider getting a trade promotion insurance to legally back these marketing strategies.

Before we go further into the advantages of having Contingency Insurance, let us first shed light on the things that could go wrong in trade promotions:

Rushed Campaigns

Most of the time, trade promotions are executed without fully-informed decisions. Thus, it’s hard to ensure mutual benefits for the companies involved. This can be attributed to subtle to major differences in data processing, leading to inaccurate analytics.

Lack of Cooperation

It takes the effort of all the parties involved to make any system work. It doesn’t take a genius to know that. If the parties struggle to meet certain requirements, certain hard-hitting problems may ensue.

Poor Understanding of KPIs

In order to gauge how a business is performing, certain key performance indicators should be available for study. This is how you know whether or not a marketing campaign is working. If both parties fail to present appropriate KPIs, certain trade promotion goals will be unattainable.

Advantages of Trade Promotion Insurance

Trade promotion insurance exists to ensure continued profitability to a party when an issue presents itself. Moreover, it avoids liabilities and backs the party when things get rough in legal terms. Since trade promotion is far from being a perfect marketing framework, parties that show interest are recommended to get trade promotion insurance to protect their companies.

Some types of trade promotion may see a lot of money and properties on the line. Case in point: a contest or sweepstakes. In this case, trade promotion insurance can be used to guarantee certain legalities.


It’s easy to view trade promotion as a win-win situation–mostly because both parties are promised mutual benefits for the growth of each, but don’t think a system like this is not without cons. Go for trade promotion insurance before it’s too late.